More to life than racing in circles, says retired F1 driver Vettel

ABU DHABI (Reuters) – Four-times world champion Sebastian Vettel said there was more to life than “racing in circles” as he brought the curtain down on his Formula One career with a points-scoring finish in Sunday’s season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The 35-year-old German raced his heart out from his ninth-place grid spot in his […]

More to life than racing in circles, says retired F1 driver Vettel

Congratulations and many thanks for your years of racing. 🏁🏎️ Best wishes 🎉



Mid-term Elections: Why I didn’t vote

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The Mid-Term Elections are over. Hallelujah! No more mud-slinging adverts. No more scrutiny. No more phone calls from your respective parties asking if you voted or not. No more surveys on the performance of our US President. And lastly, no more lies, including the Big Lie of 2021.

While many of you did vote (and I congratulate you on that) there were others who didn’t do it and for some, there’s a good reason behind it. I was one of those who didn’t.

Call me a traitor living overseas, anti-American, whatever. But there were some reasons why I didn’t submit my ballot. And the reasons were both direct and indirect. 🗳️

For instance, we’ll start with the indirect. I applied to vote representing my home state of Minnesota, which was where I last resided. I received my ballot via email only to find that there was only ONE representative on the ballot. ONE!!! A state representative for the House!!! 😡 Nothing for governor nor for other politicians running for state. We had a governor’s race for that state. Yet, according to local officials, “Because you are residing outside the US, this was the ballot that was printed out.” If this was not 🐂 💩, what was it then?!!

It was then where I received an epiphany 🌟. The Mid-Term Elections is actually a congressional elections designed to determine whether we should keep going in the direction Biden and the Democratic-controlled Congress is taking us or whether there would be a Red Wave from the Republican party. Still recovering from the Insurrection of January 6, 2021 and Donald Trump’s Big Lie with the 2020 Elections, the GOP had hoped that it would retake both chambers of Congress- House and Senate – with wide margin of victory for both, in an attempt to remove Biden through Impeachment and hold early elections, something Trump had been pushing since leaving Office on January 20 of last year.

The Red Wave never happened. We now have a split Congress with a very slim majority by the Republicans in the House. The same for the Democrats in the Senate. The hype that the Republican party was pushing, with Trump funneling money to support his henchmen: Mehmet Oz, Kari Lake, etc? Poof!!! 💥🪄 The whole hype that made this election season look like a Hollywood film literally made it look like a B-film, where even a Tatort film in Germany would beat out in a cakewalk. Anna Schudt, Axel Prahl, Jan Josef Liefers and Maria Furtwangler would have left the theater halfway through this show because it was so disgustingly boring. 🥱

And this is where we are. After a campaign that was boring because of the same crap involving mudslinging and big lies, we have two years of a split Congress which President Joe Biden will now have to contend with. And while that would bring some advantages for the President, it does lead to the question of whether we should walk away from this Trump-mania with all of the lies and extravaganza he has laden us with for the last six years. Trump neither helped us in the Oval Office as with the last two years. And even if he has announced his candidacy after the Mid-Term, it makes us wonder if now is the time to simply ignore him and quietly show him the door. And as much as I like Joe Biden (I voted for him in 2020), not running for president in 2024 would put the last nails into Trump’s coffin, as well as that of his children. No rematch and we would have a clean slate with a new generation running Washington. 🇺🇲

And this was why I didn’t vote. The country was doing fine in the first two years of Biden in the best way it could. We’re still beset with problems with inflation and COVID, with China and Russia posing new threats. We’re starting to see the problems that are on our doorstep and are bigger than Trump’s Big Lie. The selection that we had was as boring and dull as the campaigns themselves, and I didn’t see a point in even submitting my ballot when we have a bigger election we will face in 2024. ❗

The Presidential Elections of 2024 will be the turning point in politics. There we will usher in a new generation of politicians with fresh ideas. Wishful thinking would be third parties being involved that would impact the results, something we last saw in 1992 and again in 2000. The majority of the Americans, home and abroad, are sick and tired of the two-party system that is only focused on the upcoming elections. Therefore I hope we can break the trend and have someone in power who is not aligned with the party but with the American people, someone who sets an example at home and abroad and carries through with all of the campaign promises that will help everyone at home and around the globe.

Hopefully when 2024 comes around we will have a wider selection of candidates we can choose from that are neither Republican nor Democrat, that are professional and collegial, and open to making the changes needed for the sake of future generations. 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦❤️ Only with that excitement will people like me go to the polls again. Until then I hope you understand why I was one of many who did not vote this time around….. 😊