On Friendship — Filosofa’s Word

Please forgive my introspective and somewhat dark mood this morning … What is friendship?  Respect?  If I don’t respect you, can I still really call you a friend?  In times of strife, we learn who our friends really are, don’t we?  I and most of you have either lost friends or found relationships strained over […]

On Friendship — Filosofa’s Word

Jill Dennison brought up an important point as we move away from the Mid-Term Elections and look at the issues we have in front of us- one more pressing than the other. It’s the issue of friendships and how politics have played a role in shaping them. During the years of Trump, as well as when he campaigned with the Big Lie, the former President’s policies resulted in friendships being destroyed, along with families, resulting in the polarization of people in different ways. She has some experiences of her own to share on that. Still since the elections are behind us, we are moving on, and the Age of Trumpism is about to come to an end, where the Big Lie is not a big deal anymore, where his policies and actions are being considered immoral and fattening, and where enemies find common ground and reconcile for the common good. And when the Presidnetial Elections in 2024 come up, common ground, common values and common issues will be at the forefront and will put Trump in the backburner, or even in the trash can. A look at Friendship from her point of view.



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