Germany steps up emergency cash plans to cope in blackout

German authorities are stepping up preparations for emergency cash deliveries in case of a blackout to keep the economy running, four people involved said, as the nation braces for possible power cuts arising from the war in Ukraine. The plans include the Bundesbank, Germany’s central bank, hoarding extra billions to cope with a surge in demand, and […]

Germany steps up emergency cash plans to cope in blackout



Thomas Jefferson’s German Connections

Jefferson’s European Education In 1788, while serving as an American diplomat in Paris, Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) spent two weeks on the road for an unofficial private journey along the Rhine. In my article, Germany’s Route 66: A Road Trip on Bundesstraße 3, I wrote how parts of that modern road make it possible to follow […]

Thomas Jefferson’s German Connections

Many of associate Thomas Jefferson with the creation of the Declaration of Independence which was written in 1776. He was the third President of the US. But little do we know is his connection with German culture. In a guest article by The German Way, the author looks at that connection and his friendship with a well-known philosopher and botanist, Alexander von Humboldt.