Firing Democracy

I still think the most important issue in this election is saving democracy. I try not to be a one-issue voter as I am concerned about inflation, high gas prices, crime, the economy, the budget, climate change, human and civil rights, etc, etc. But will any of that matter when we lose the power to […]

Firing Democracy

Courtesy of Jon Clayton. His views on the upcoming mid-term elections this Tuesday.



Views: A Cultural Tour Of Weimar, Germany (DW)

Weimar is world-famous. A number of important philosophers, musicians, and literary figures used to live here – including renowned poets Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Friedrich Schiller. Weimar Classicism attracts tourists even today. But the city of Thuringia is also home to a dark chapter of German history. There, the Nazis built built one of […]

Views: A Cultural Tour Of Weimar, Germany (DW)