Photo Flick: Tribute to Robbie Coltraine

Unknown Photographer


All is quiet at Hagrid’s Hut

Not the quiet that we were used to.

It’s the quiet that is long and silent

Until the end of time.

Though the hut still keeps burning


Gone are the experiments all gone wrong

Gone are the dragons and the potents that wrecked his house

Gone are his library of magic spells

Gone is his guided light that shone in the forest

Gone is his fire that kept the hut burning.


What we will miss from Hagrid’s hut

Are the laughter and tears we shared

The stories that were told directly from him

The music from his flute that awoke the forest

And the smoke from the peace pipe that kept the hut burning.


What will become of Hagrid’s hut

When no one is there to make magic spells

When no one is there to tame the dragons

When the only sounds we here now

Are birds tweeting and the fire that keeps the hut burning.


But despite his loss it is up to us

To pick up where he left off

To guard the forest from orks and monsters

To make new spells and tame new dragons

And to keep Hagrid’s hut burning.


While the source of the photo is unknown (it was found on social media without a credit), the poem was concocted by yours truly as a tribute to Hagrid, played by the late Robbie Coltraine (1950- 2022) whose acting career spanned for almost 50 years. Coltraine’s Scottish accent and sense of humor made the Harry Potter series a journey that is worth remembering, not only while working on the set, as mentioned by Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Rubert Grint (Ronald Weasley) and Emma Watson (Hermione Granger), but also while watching the finished product in theaters and on DVD. He was one of my personal favorites. This poem is for you with many thanks for making us laugh. ❤