Mannheim, the Springfield of Germany

The other day I came across this barber shop in Mannheim. There was Homer and Marge Lisa and Maggie and Homer and Marge again: But where was Bart? I kept looking. And then … can it be?! Is one of them grown-up Bart? Photographing Public Art Challenge

Mannheim, the Springfield of Germany

All of know the TV cult series The Simpsons and some of us are fans of the typical American family. The family exists still to this day, including in Mannheim in Baden Wurttemberg, where this mural is located. More on this in the link provided by our guest blogger. 😎



Trees are getting bigger in response to climate change

Trees are feasting on decades of carbon dioxide emissions and growing taller as a result, according to a new study. The scientists tracked the volume of wood in 10 different tree groups from 1997 to 2017, finding that all but the aspen grew larger. During that same period, carbon dioxide levels went from 363 parts […]

Trees are getting bigger in response to climate change

Another reason why trees are badly needed to fight global warming…..