Will-o’-the-wisp – ghost lights at night

A Will-o’-the-wisp, or ignis fatuus (Medieval Latin for “foolish fire”), is a phantom light that hovers around, often in the wilderness, luring travelers away from the beaten path. Most of these lights haunt the moors and bogs of England, but they have been reported all over the world, under a variety of different names. They […]

Will-o’-the-wisp – ghost lights at night

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Erdstalls Tunnels: Central Europe’s last great mystery

Across Europe, there are hundreds of underground tunnels that, apparently, lead to nowhere and about which any historic records have ever been found. They are mostly located in the southern German state of Bavaria and the nearby Austria, where they are known by the German name “Erdstall”, which literally means “place under the earth”. Locally, […]

Erdstalls Tunnels: Central Europe’s last great mystery

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The spooky science of haunted mirrors and superstitious mirror mythology

Zak Bagans’s Haunted Museum, Las Vegas, is home to the spooky memorabilia including serial killer Ted Bundy’s glasses to fragments of criminal Charles Manson’s bones, scraped from the incinerator after his corpse was cremated. But there’s also a quite regular mirror, about a half meter tall and shaped like a tombstone. It is said the […]

The spooky science of haunted mirrors and superstitious mirror mythology

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Global warming: the planet is approaching five tipping points

The five climate disruptions, according to the study, are the abrupt thawing of boreal permafrost, the collapse of the Greenland and West Antarctic ice sheets, the rapid disappearance of coral reefs and the end of the system of ocean currents in the sea. of Labrador. The study, which is based on numerous academic and scientific […]

Global warming: the planet is approaching five tipping points


Photo Flick Nr 85


Street Art NM has a unique form of art that fits this unseasonably warm fall. Located at Königstrasse, we have a group of penguins who are looking for a place to cool off; one of them has an umbrella protecting himself from the heat.

And this is indeed a telling story for this year, as we’re on the best path to smashing the record books. After having the driest summer in almost 500 years, this October is set to be the warmest month since 1881. And if the news is not bad enough, meteorologists at the DWD in Offenbach, as well as the European and American (NOAA) weather services are predicting a green winter with temperatures of up to 3°C warmer than normal! The last time we saw a green winter in Germany: Winter 2019/20.

While some will say this is a once in a lifetime experience we will all witness, all indicators are pointing to the new norm, where droughts will happen every 20 years as with floods. And what could be the final nail in the coffin: we could see all our glaciers disappear by 2040 or even sooner. With the major European rivers, like the Rhine, Rhone, Po, and Danube running empty this past summer, can you imagine it as the new norm?

It’s no secret that we need to take action right now to reverse this trend. But with countries arming themselves because of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, China’s strive to take Taiwan, North Korea seeking to reunite with nuclear weapons and a potential civil war in the United States thanks to the Donald Trump effect, global warming is taking a back seat again. It’s now a matter of time that changes are going to be made for us and to all our inconveniences.

If you think 2022 was bad, this was just the beginning….


Richard Wagner slept here

On this house by the Quellenpark (Spring Park) in Bad Soden there are two different plaques, both with the momentous information that the opera composer Richard Wagner slept here on the night of August 12-13, 1860, which was his “first night on German soil” after “eleven years of exile from the Fatherland”. Wagner slept here […]

Richard Wagner slept here

Bad Soden am Taunus

This town — now an affluent suburb of Frankfurt — was only called Soden until 1922, when it finally got state permission to use the highly coveted word Bad in its name. The German word Bad means bath, so the towns that start with Bad are all spas. They all have naturally occurring mineral springs […]

Bad Soden am Taunus

Melitta Bentz – Inventor of the Coffee Filter

Coffee wouldn’t be what it is today with Melitta Bentz. In 1908, the housewife from Dresden invented the coffee filter … and the rest is history!

Melitta Bentz – Inventor of the Coffee Filter

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Ukraine’s ‘Marshall Plan’ – Berlin gathering weighs $750 billion rebuilding

National leaders, development experts and CEOs gather in Berlin on Tuesday for a conference on what its hosts say must be a “Marshall Plan” to rebuild Ukraine after Russia’s invasion, now entering its ninth month. The conference, hosted by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the European Commission, will not involve concrete pledges of cash towards the…

Ukraine’s ‘Marshall Plan’ – Berlin gathering weighs $750 billion rebuilding

Grape Stuff in a Can

Canned wine gets a really bad rep and many people will overlook them. I decided to try as many canned wines as I could and find out how they really compare to bottled wines. Wine in a can is perfect for the summer, small and light enough to sneak into your bag for a picnic […]

Grape Stuff in a Can

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