Photo Flick: Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II – Part 1

Painting by Andy Warhol in 1985


Many artists have portrayed Queen Elizabeth II over the years, with various forms of artwork, including photos, paintings and even comics. Some of them will be displayed in this series paying tribute to Her Majesty.

One of more common artwork created of the Queen was a painting done by Andy Warhol (1928- 1987). A native of Pittsburgh, Warhol was a widely acclaimed artist whose pop art is still popular to this day. This depiction of the Queen was created in 1985, on the eve of her 35th anniversary. It was a photo of Her Majesty that was presented in many shades of red in the background. It was an unusual work of art but one where Warhol later mentioned that she had a passion for him and his art. The work has since been a highly controversial piece that has been talked about among artists and historians alike. Some believe her portrait was typical of Warhol. Others criticized it as a way of desecrating Her Majesty. Nevertheless, the piece has become one of the most popular of all the artwork done that portrayed the Queen.

There are other photos and artwork done during the Queen’s reign that became popular upon release and are considered candidates for a collage containing the best of the Queen. You can read more about it in the link below:

How Artists portrayed the Queen during her reign (CNN):



My Letter to Queen Elizabeth II — josiesvoice

Photo by vectors icon on

Dear Majesty, I heard the sad news of your passing today. Though the news have constantly mentioned your health issues from time to time, your passing today felt sudden to me. I have only known you as the English monarch ever since I was a little girl. You have been our Canadian head of state […]

My Letter to Queen Elizabeth II — josiesvoice

A letter to the Queen post humus. ❤