Euro sculpture in Frankfurt rescued by crypto firm

FRANKFURT, (Reuters) – A giant blue euro sculpture in the heart of Frankfurt’s financial district has a new benefactor: The firm behind a sharia-compliant cryptocurrency. The future of the sculpture, in the shadow of the European Central Bank’s former headquarters and long a symbol of Frankfurt’s role in managing the single European currency, was at […]

Euro sculpture in Frankfurt rescued by crypto firm

It has been an important landmark for Frankfurt as with the European Central Bank. Now the Euro has a new owner. CDE News has this story in the link above…



Lindt wins chocolate bunny battle in Swiss court

ZURICH, Sept 29 (Reuters) – Lindt & Spruengli’s foil-wrapped chocolate bunnies deserve protection from copycat products, Switzerland’s highest court ruled on Thursday, and ordered German discounter Lidl to stop selling a similar product in Switzerland and to destroy its remaining stock. Surveys submitted by Lindt showed Lindt’s Easter bunny was well known to the public, […]

Lindt wins chocolate bunny battle in Swiss court

This is perhaps one of the most bizarre rulings to date, but it’s all about copyright.

CDE News has this coverage, but you can also read it in the Guardian here:



German economic institutes see 2023 contraction as gas crisis hits

BERLIN, Sept 29 (Reuters) – Four leading German economic institutes have almost halved their spring economic growth forecast for Europe’s largest economy this year and slashed their 2023 projection to -0.4% from 3.1%, they said on Thursday. The four institutes now expect 1.4% growth this year, down from 2.7% seen in the spring. “The crisis […]

German economic institutes see 2023 contraction as gas crisis hits

Should we run out of gas reserves by the end of this winter, Germany could see a contraction of up to 8% next year and 5% in 2024. Already the country is expected to be in a recession similar to the one we saw in 2007-08. Details here …

Self-knowledge as a tool: What you should know about yourself – Health and Wellness

Self-knowledge is a great tool to explore the inner world and make changes. We share some keys about it. Self-knowledge is one of the most powerful tools related to psychology and personal development. Due to its apparent simplicity, we often overlook it or downplay it. However, getting to know each other, understanding who we are, […]

Self-knowledge as a tool: What you should know about yourself – Health and Wellness


The World is a Light, a Short Life

This unknown author left a short quote that is worth contemplating. The world is a beauty but our lives are too short to witness it. So embrace it, make it better, but don’t waste your time in sorrow, hate and anything that is destructive.

Some food for thought 💭🤔🌍


Graffitiy Connection Murals on Social Housing

Photos just cropped, not altered. Don’t believe the stock sites 😉 Street art by GRACO — Graffiti Connection (Daisy, Lake, Stek, Marko and Kobo) — 1998. You will find this building in that odd corner where you’ve just been on fancy Friedrischstraße but suddenly are in Kreuzberg (Wilhelmstrasse/Mehringplatz). There are also lots of big murals […]

Graffitiy Connection Murals on Social Housing

Murals are easy to find in Germany but this set of very unique murals can be found in Berlin -Mitte. A must-see.


Fountain of Friendship between Nations

Admittedly, Fountain of Friendship between Nations is a hell of a name and proves that the German compound can actually be pretty useful here and there. Brunnen der Völkerfreundschaft does seem less chiseled. The avid reader of this blog knows I just love a good water feature. Also, my approach to wordless Wednesday is hopeless. […]

Fountain of Friendship between Nations

While you are there……


Mosaic at Haus des Lehrers

„Unser Leben“ is a mosaic at Haus des Lehrers by Walter Womacka. “Our Life” is a mosaic at “House of the Teacher” by Walter Womacka at Alexanderplatz, Berlin. With 7 meters in height and a length of 127 meters, it is one of the largest artworks in Europe. Say what? So on a bright and […]

Mosaic at Haus des Lehrers

This is located in Berlin at Alexanderplatz….