Bonn, the City of Beethoven

Hi dear fellows. Let me first drop some lines as a prologue before begin to report our trip;As a novice in the matter of writing, I look always for gathering some idea for my weekend post. I am getting used to doing it (it seems to become a ritual for me). Therefore, I try to […]

Bonn, the City of Beethoven

Berlin Alexanderplatz. Alfred Doblin (1929). Trs. Michael Hoffman (2017)

Whether you’re looking for an examination of crime and decay, a multi-disciplinary origin-story of individual consciousness, or a landmark in modernism literature that has influenced generations of writers, or just a jolly good narrative – Berlin Alexanderplatz will change the way you read and think.

Berlin Alexanderplatz. Alfred Doblin (1929). Trs. Michael Hoffman (2017)