Summer flowers in the Botanical Garden in Munich

A green oasis in the city. An outdoor urban jungle with vast variety of Flora & Fauna kingdom right in the heart of Bavaria.A place where the scare of the Corona virus seemed forgotten, keeping our minds at ease for a moment of rest… and where going back to nature is the truest form of […]

Summer flowers in the Botanical Garden in Munich

German word of the Day: Lieblingsplatz

“Lieblingsplatz” is the German word for favourite place. It´s the combination of the word ” Lieblings” (favourite) and ” Platz” ( a place). –(Noun) Treffpunkt (meeting place), Lieblingsort (favourite place) Whenever i think about this word, a place that always comes to my mind first is “Garden” or somewhere with botanical species and nature. My favourite […]

German word of the Day: Lieblingsplatz