West Germany and Hamburg great Uwe Seeler dies aged 85

One of only four players to have scored at four different World Cups, news of Uwe Seeler’s death was announced on Thursday.

West Germany and Hamburg great Uwe Seeler dies aged 85

Our thoughts and prayers to his family, the Hamburger SV soccer team and its fans on the loss of a true icon. 🙏😢⚽🇩🇪


Russia resumes gas flows via Nord Stream, Europe still wary

July 21 (Reuters) – Russia resumed pumping gas via its biggest pipeline to Europe on Thursday after a 10-day outage, the operator said, allaying Europe’s immediate winter supply fears after President Vladimir Putin had warned that flows could be cut further or stopped. Supplies via Nord Stream 1, which runs under the Baltic Sea to Germany, were […]

Russia resumes gas flows via Nord Stream, Europe still wary

Some good news for Germany and Europe but we’re still being told to save on Energy. The reason why you will find in the article.


Lost Art Nr. 9


This Lost Art photo represents a true meaning of The Bridge to Nowhere. This was taken on the peninsula of Holnis in 2021 and features a dock that is literally in the water with no access whatsoever- well unless you want to count the boulders that connect the shore with this stranded dock. Still, even then it would be quite a challenge to walk across it before climbing onto the dock. The owner of the dock may have meant it well if this bridge to nowhere was created to keep tourists from going on it, but if that was the case, it would have been better off removing it.

From my point of view, when looking at the boat that was sitting adjacent to the dock, it was probably meant as a dock for boating, let alone for fishing. Still the water levels are still low to support this argument.

In my humble opinion, the dock represents a true example of a bridge going to nowhere where there is no access on either end and it is sitting there, serving as a possible stop for birds but nothing much beyond that. If there is a consolation to this, it is a perfect photo opportunity, especially for those who enjoy taking photos of birds, landscapes and especially a beautiful sunset above Flensburg Fjord.


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