England clinch Women’s Euro with 2-1 extra time win over Germany

LONDON :An extra time strike from forward Chloe Kelly gave England a 2-1 win over Germany in the Women’s European Championship final on Sunday to claim their first ever major title in front of a record crowd on home soil. Substitute Kelly reacted quickest to a loose ball from a corner in the second period […]

England clinch Women’s Euro with 2-1 extra time win over Germany

The Roman Border in Ancient Germany

1 Introduction The Limes in the Germanic provinces and in Rhaetia was long regarded in older research as a “bulwark against the barbarians” (Bakker 1997, p.111), as a border wall of the Imperium Romanum and thus as the border of the civilized world of antiquity against the Germanic Barbaricum. In recent decades, however, this view […]

The Roman Border in Ancient Germany

Sebastian Vettel announces his retirement at the end of the 2022 season — TechnoSports

The 35-year-old four-time F1 champion German racing driver Sebastian Vettel has announced his retirement at the end of the ongoing season. Vettel currently serves for Aston Martin since the 2021 season. Ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix, Vettel announced his retirement after completing the ongoing 2022 season. Image Credit: Twitter The Aston Martin driver stated, “The decision […]

Sebastian Vettel announces his retirement at the end of the 2022 season — TechnoSports

Congratulations to Sebastian Vettel and wishing you all the best to your future. Many thanks for your accomplishments in car racing. 🙂



I I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked, dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix, angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of night, who poverty and tatters and hollow-eyed and high sat up […]


One of the longest poems ever written, Allen Ginsberg looks at society in a big city from each dark corner, depicting suffering but gratification at the same time. It was written during the Cold War where people were celebrating like 1999, their last time before entering the next life. Good for a night of slam poetry.


Germany set to impose gas levy on consumers to support ailing importers

BERLIN, July 28 (Reuters) – Germany is set to impose a levy on all gas consumers from Oct. 1 aimed at helping suppliers grappling with soaring gas import prices, a draft law showed on Thursday. The levy aims to share the additional costs for replacing gas from Russia among all gas users and to prevent insolvencies among […]

Germany set to impose gas levy on consumers to support ailing importers

Be prepared to dig deep in your savings if you want to warm your homes this winter. 🥶❄️


Fire Torches Saxony Switzerland on both Czech and German Sides

Photo by Recep Tayyip u00c7elik on Pexels.com

Forest Fires Forces Evacuation of the Region along the River Elbe at the Czech-German Border


DRESDEN, GERMANY/ USTI NAD LABEM, CZECHIA- “A few years ago, we followed the forest fires that were devastating California and Greece. Now they are here and right at our footsteps.” Those were the comments made by Martin Dulig, Assistant to the Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer who governs the German state of Saxony.

Less than one week after the fire at the Basteibrücke in the Saxony Switzerland National Park near Lohmen, as covered by sister column The Bridgehunter’s Chronicles, a second, more powerful set of forest fires are wreaking havoc on the Elbe River Valley, flanked with forests extending from Pirna (SE of Dresden) to Teplice in Czechia, forcing residents to flee the region, and drawing in fire crews and even the police from different regions on both sides of the border, with heavy equipment and helicopters to battle the blazes and get people out of the region. A total of more than 1300 hectares of land on both sides of the border have burned, charring much of the rock cliffs that were until now become popular attraction for rock climbers and hikers. The steep cliffs combined with a rugged landscape plus lack of trails have hindered much of the progress. Because of the lack of rain, combined with high winds, it may be a few weeks until the flames are completely extinguished.

Photo by Kelly on Pexels.com

The cause of the fire is unknown, though arson has not been ruled out. It started on the Czech side on Sunday in the Bohemian Switzerland National Park. Over the course of two days, fires spread, forcing residents in towns like Vysoka Lipa, Hrensko and Menza to evacuate. The fires then crossed the border into the German state of Saxony on Monday and has since put the Saxony Switzerland National Park as well as the region in the vicinity of Bad Schandau in a dire situation. Smoke from the fires have reached as far as Dresden and Prague causing haze and problems with visibility. Extremely dry weather in connection with an exceptional drought this year has played a role in this blaze and has already been tied together with global warming, which had triggered forest fires in much of Europe. Fires have been frequent in other German states, such as North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony Anhalt and Brandenburg. At the same time as this blaze there has been another forest fire at the Saxony-Brandenburg border in the Elbe-Elster District.

Already the District of Saxony Switzerland/ East Ore Mountain (OSE) and the District of Usti Nad Labem, where the national parks are located have already created an ordinance banning people from entering a forested area for any reason. For OSE, violators can face fines of between 2,500 to 10,000 Euros ($2,600 to $11,000). Train routes and shipping services along the Elbe in and around the area have been suspended until further notice. People are being advised to avoid the area at any cost and allow for crews to put out the blaze. Furthermore because of the extreme drought, people are advised to refrain from using any type of fire as the dry vegetation can serve as fuel for the fire. Already, cities like Chemnitz, have banned grilling in open spaces and districts in Saxony have odered residents not to draw water from the rivers and lakes for gardening.

After the droughts of 2018-2020 which dried up much of Germany and Europe, 2022 is shaping up to be the drought of the century. And even though this drought is a dwarf compared to the ones in California dn southern Europe, with global warming taking hold, this may be an overture of what is yet to come. And while governments are working on a plan to conserve water and plant greens in areas needed, including cities, it is up to the consumers to do their part in reducing global warmng. Should it not be successful in the coming decade, fires like this will be an annual occurrance, multiplying hundred fold and ten times in intensity.

With Germany being one of the most forested countries, can a person imagine it being the next California like we have over there, right now?


Make Note! False Friend: Notiz versis Notice

One of the most annoying false friends in the German and English language happens to be anything that has to do with Note and Notice vs the German word Notiz.  Imagine this scenario:

You are an English native speaker who is invited to an interview for a teaching position at the University of Bayreuth in Bavaria. You have two interviewers, a German and a Brit and they ask you some questions about your teaching career. All of a sudden the German interviewer attempts to speak English by saying:

“I will notice this.” You see that the interviewer is writing down in a notebook.  The Brit stares at the German colleague.

What do you think is the reaction to this statement and why?  Give yourself a couple seconds to think about this.  Then look at the picture below:

After some thinking, what do you think about this? Would you correct it and if so, how?


Aside from the use of Become versus Bekommen, the use of Notiz versus Notice is considered to be at least one of the most misunderstood false friend pairing in the English and German language. Normally when we talk about these two words we think of their meanings:

Photo by Ivan Samkov on Pexels.com



Definition: A small written memo on a sheet of paper to inform or remember something.

Translation into English: Note, Memo, Notice (important information)

Sentence Formulation:

In German we would formulate it into “Notizen machen” or even “Notieren” yet when translated into English, we would consider it as the following:

“Make Note of It.”

“Write it down”

“Note it down”

“Put it down in writing”

“Write a note/ memo about it.”


Photo by Kampus Production on Pexels.com



Definition:  There are three different definitions to the word Notice:

  1. To observe and pay attention to an action as a purpose of informing someone. Synonym to this definition include observe (Noun: Observation)
  2. To inform a person about a situation that may be of importance. Synonym to this definition include notify (Noun: notification), inform (Noun: Information), announce (Noun: Announcement)
  3. To terminate a person’s employment; relieve a person of his/her duties. Synonym to this definition: to fire, to lay off, to terminate, to can.
  4. To announce one’s intention to quit an engagement/commitment. Synonym to this definition: to resign (Noun: Resignation), to withdraw (Noun: Withdrawal)


Translation into German:

  1. For definition 1: beobachten, bemerken, beachten
  2. For definition 2: bekannt machen (Bekanntmachung), ankündigen (Ankündigung), mitteilen (Mitteilung), informieren, benachrichtigen (Benachrichtigung), Bescheid sagen, anzeigen.
  3. For definition 3: kündigen (Kündigung)
  4. For definition 4: aussteigen (Ausstieg),  zurücktreten (Rücktritt)


When looking at the definition of the two words, one can see a clear-cut difference between Notiz and Notice which leads to the question of why a person would use the phrase “I will notice this,” when his intention is to take notes and the definition of Notice is either to observe, quit or fire someone from his job. Granted some dictionaries have put Notiz and Notice on par with each other, yet when looking at the definitions of both and their translations more closely, one will recognize that they are false friends.



Ironically though both Germans and Americans have the word Note in their respective vocabularies, whereas when looking at the meaning of the word in both languages, the differences cannot be even more crystal clear.

When Germans use the word Note, it means the following:

  1. Grade or Mark on one’s report card in school (Schulnote)
  2. Bill/ Invoice to pay (Kostennote)
  3. Cash bills (Banknote)

Americans use the word Note which means in German:

  1. Small sheet of paper to write down important info (Zettel)
  2. Write down information on a sheet of paper (Notiz Machen/ notieren)
  3. Pay attention to something as to make note of it (bemerken, anmerken, vermerken)

There are two aspects that say that Note can be related and they are:


Any questions?


Activity 1

Look at the following situations below and determine whether you would use the word notice (n) or make note (mn). In some cases, both (b) are possible.

  1. People protesting for better pay
  2. People complaining about the supervisor and his erratic behavior
  3. Listening to a lecture at a university
  4. Watching a science experiment and completing the homework
  5. The change in mood of a person upon information of his firing
  6. The air in the tire getting low
  7. Interviewing a person for a new job
  8. Staff meeting
  9. Intense political discussion
  10. Writing a “to-do” list for your colleague before vacation
  11. Tendering one’s resignation
  12. Information about a town hall meeting at the company
  13. Taking part in a seminar for your studies
  14. Person’s appearance at a fashion show
  15. Personal makeover.


Activity 2

The following words have to do with the word Note. The question is which one is the German version (D) and which one is English (E)? There is a possibility that both (B) is possible.

  1. The grade you are getting this semester is a B+
  2. Wow! That’s a good-smelling perfume!
  3. We’re learning a new music piece by J.S. Bach. The music is complicated.
  4. I’m pissed because I received my pink slip today! I have to find a new job!
  5. My boss wrote me a reminder and left it on my desk.
  6. I wrote down some important information about this theory today.
  7. We have a few cash bills left in my wallet.
  8. He just got an invoice for the house renovations.
  9. You got a message to meet your boss this afternoon.
  10. Your overall school average is 1.5! Congratulations!


Hope this lesson on false friends helps. 🙂 In case you have any questions about this or have any other false friends between German and English, feel free to use this form here to send a line. Thanks!


Over 1,000 Lufthansa flights cancelled due to ground staff walkout

Deutsche Lufthansa  is cancelling more than 1,000 flights ahead of a one-day walkout by ground staff scheduled for Wednesday, just as families across Germany head off on their summer holidays. Strikes and staff shortages have already forced airlines including Lufthansa to cancel thousands of flights and caused hours-long queues at major airports, frustrating holidaymakers keen […]

Over 1,000 Lufthansa flights cancelled due to ground staff walkout

The strike is expected to last through Thursday morning. Travellers are advised to consider other forms of transportation or to reschedule their flights to a later date.