Neo-Tsymburskian Cycles in the History of Russian-Western Relations

Introduction At the cusp of the 20th and 21st centuries, a Russian philologist, later a political scientist focusing on geopolitical theory, Vadim Tsymburskii, developed a theory positing three “strategic cycles” in Russian-Western relations beginning from 1726 and lasting to the late 20th century. Tsymburskii’s theory and cycles are not configured taking into account Russian (or […]

Neo-Tsymburskian Cycles in the History of Russian-Western Relations

While talking about the war between Russia and Ukraine we also have to look at the relations between Russia and the West where the war has had a full impact on. Gordon Hahn presents a cycle theory on this topic which goes back more than 500 years and looks at the numerous different cycles the two blocks have gone through and their impacts on international relations, geopolitics and culture. According to Hahn, the West and Russia are now in the fifth cycle of this theory.

A long theory but one we as historians and political scientists should understand.

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