Germany abolishes Nazi-era abortion law

Germany on Friday abolished a Nazi-era law forbidding doctors from providing information about abortions. The Bundestag lower house of parliament voted to scrap the law, meaning doctors are now allowed to give out additional information about abortions without fear of prosecution. Under the law, doctors in Germany had been allowed to say that they offered […]

Germany abolishes Nazi-era abortion law

While the ROE vs WADE rule was overturned in the US yesterday, Germany overturned a rule that had banned doctors from providing information on abortions, this allowing women the right to access information on it. A step in the opposite direction to what was ruled in the States, where as soon as the Supreme Court struck down the rule, the first states implemented a complete abortion ban. A link is below:


A to Z of Cathedrals – H is for Heidelberg in Germany

I was struggling with H until I suddenly remembered that ten years ago I visited the German Rhine town of Heidelberg.  I don’t remember visiting the Cathedral, I don’t think that I did but I did take a picture of it.  It was one of those bright white days which makes taking pictures with a […]

A to Z of Cathedrals – H is for Heidelberg in Germany

Here’s a look at Heidelberg’s cathedral which has a long history.