The Other 98% and Facts About Guns in America

Here’s a sobering fact that was published by the Facebook group The Other 98% in 2017 but has been brought up every time a mass shooting happened; the latest after the Uvalde Massacre of May 24, 2022.

It should not take a genius to figure out that if there are issues like this there should be a solution that involves gun legislation – banning weapons that are meant for use in the military and on the battlefield, right?

Photo Flick Nr 72: Tribute to Ukraine


During the month of May, one will see many fields in Germany’s countryside be covered in yellow, showing its conform natural colors with green grass and blue skies. These yellow fields are rapeseed fields. Rapeseed is planted by farmers and it’s equivalent to our corn and soybeans in the States. It can be used for many purposes and is an excellent supplement to olive and sunflower oils, the latter is still short in demand and if on the store shelves, they are 400% more expensive compared to this time last year. This is because we get most of our sunflower products from Ukraine, which Russia is trying to conquer.

Fellow Leipzig blogger Stefan Hopf got this wonderful shot of the rapeseed fields in the rural area in Saxony during his outing recently. It resembles the colors of Ukraine but using the rapeseed field as a backdrop. If there is anything that can top this natural setting, then it should be mentioned here. I feel the flag of Ukraine and this setting is as good as it can get. A perfect shot and a perfect tribute to a country that is battling to keep its land, its culture and its identity. 🇺🇦🌻