How Germany beer bottle shortage is affecting the Industry

German breweries are warning there could be a shortage of beer bottles this summer amid rising production costs and a shortage of lorry drivers. The situation is “extremely tense”, the chief executive of the German Brewers’ Federation told German newspaper Bild. The shortage of glass bottles will mainly affect small- and medium-sized breweries, an industry expert […]

How Germany beer bottle shortage is affecting the Industry

You can’t make this up: breweries in Germany are asking consumers to return their beer bottles to grocery stores to be reused as quickly as possible. That includes any bottles stored in attics and cellars that are sitting empty. More in the link above.

It’s THAT bad. 😞🍻


Ice Cream in Germany

The German word for ice cream is Eis, pronounced similar to “ice”. This leads to countless renditions of Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” by any North American English-speaker in Germany. In fact, it can be hard to get the song out of my head in summer because Eis is everywhere. A beloved summer tradition, it […]

Ice Cream in Germany