Photo Flick Nr 67: Tribute to Ukraine

Photo by Martin Glas.

Also in the Bridgehunter’s Chronicles as Pic of the Week Nr 186

Since the beginning of the Russian -Ukrainian War, thousands of cities throughout the world have paid tribute to the Ukraine, showing their solidarity with the country’s flag and its blue and gold colors, be it on the Brandenburg Gate, the Eiffel Tower, Tower Bridge, …

…or even this bridge: the Old Town Hall and Bridges in Bamberg. This shot was taken by Martin Glas for his page on Instagram, der_heimatfotograf. There, the house in the middle of the Regnitz is lit with the Ukrainian flag, seen clearly from both sides of the river. As long as the conflict continues we will be showing our support for Ukraine as we will do everything possible so that the country is protected from Russian aggression.

A short fact about the bridge, it and the city hall were first mentioned in 1371, though the city hall was rebuilt twice in the 15th Century. Baroque and Rococo style elemants were added in the 1700s and the facade murals, which rounds off the appearance, was created by Johann Anwander in 1755. The area has been considered a technical heritage monument and a UNESCO World Heritage site. A museum also occupies the town hall to this day. More information can be found here.


The Bridgehunter’s Chronicles and sister column The Flensburg Files are supporting the cause to end the war between Ukraine and Russia and help the Ukrainians affected by the war. There are two additional resources where you can provide your support to the Ukrainian cause:


Ukrainians in Need: An organization started by the United Nations where you can donate your resources to help the refugees who have fled their homes and are starting a new life elsewhere. A link to the website is below:



Save Ukrainian Brands: The war in Ukraine is having a negative impact on businesses. Therefore there is a program where you can purchase products and support Ukrainian businesses. You will find the information in the link below:



There are other sites where you can donate your time and efforts to helping the Ukrainian refugees. They include the follwing:


UN Unkraine Humanitarian:

International Red Cross:

Deutschland Hilft:


Thank you very much for your support in this crisis and hope we can end the war and find peace for everyone involved. Ukraine’s war is our war and we stand united against terrorism.


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