Photo Flick Nr. 60- Groundhog Day

Many of us know the legend of the groundhog and indeed Groundhog Day, which is February 2nd. In Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, thousands gather on that special day to see if Phil sees his shadow or not, If so, it’s six more days of winter. If not, spring comes early. The tradition was detailed in a comedy bearing the same name, starring Bill Murray and Andie McDowell. Yet the 1993 film offered a twist where Phil Connor (the weatherman played by Murray) lives the same day over and over again until me makes things right for himself and his producer colleague, who later turned into his love interest, Rita Hanson (played by McDowell).

Some hidden meanings behind it are even more interesting:

There is another groundhog that could fit the stereotype. It’s one located at Johannesstraße 62 in Flensburg in the city center. I guess one would like to know how that would work? Quite simple: look at his attire in the picture above and be creative. 😉 A groundhog comes out in his bathrobe and checks out the skies. If it’s blue and he sees his shadows, six more weeks of winter and with that, storms similar to the ones we experienced in 1978-9 (click here). If he doesn’t, spring is around the corner. How to make a celebration out of this artwork like in Pennsylvania would be one tall order but it would be quite an interesting celebration over a piece of artwork with traditional ties with real event in Pennsylvania.

The groundhog is one of dozens of paintings that a person can find in the streets of Flensburg’s city center. As mentioned in a previous Photo Flick entry on cats (click here), there are many animals that can be found on the streets- each one doing their creative thing. When visiting Flensburg next time, check them out- either by looking for them yourself or through a tour- especially through the narrow alleys and streets of the city center. You will not regret it.


Thanks to Street Artist N.M. for allowing me to use the pic. Hope many people will see your groundhog’s shadow.



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Challenging times for the Royal Family as Elizabeth prepares to mark 70 years as queen