Could There Be Microplastics in Our Drinking Water?

Many of us have heard about the danger that plastic pollution poses to our oceans. There are pictures of massive, swirling garbage piles in the middle of the ocean. Photos circulate on Facebook of turtles and birds with plastic wrapped around their small bodies. But when you are in the drive-thru waiting for your McDonald’s […]

Could There Be Microplastics in Our Drinking Water?

Kilos of nanoplastics fall on alpine peaks

© ZAMG/Christian Schober Measurements made at the Sonnenblick Observatory in Austria, at an altitude of 3106 meters, show that approximately 42 kilos of nanoplastics fall there per year and per square kilometer. Some of these particles have traveled 2000 kilometers. For this study, the researcher of the Federal Laboratory for Materials Testing and Research (Empa) […]

Kilos of nanoplastics fall on alpine peaks