Mystery Bridge Nr. 165: The Railroad Bridge in WWII in Germany

Before the winners of the 2021 Bridgehunter Awards were announced, I received an inquiry in my mailbox from one of the readers. Jim Rungee is looking for some information pertaining to this bridge in the picture. It was a Warren deck truss bridge with riveted connections and alternating vertical beams, which means it was built […]

Mystery Bridge Nr. 165: The Railroad Bridge in WWII in Germany

Toilet training

If there’s one thing the Germans seem to love, it’s explaining the obvious. Yep, you might think that your folks did a pretty good job toilet training you all those years ago and that you’ve been using toilets successfully ever since, but that is clearly not good enough for our German friends. Oh sure, they […]

Toilet training

Germans are known for their pickiness, right down to the toilet seat as we see in this guest column (click above to read). Believe it or not, it holds true after living here for over two decades. Sheesh! 🙄🧻🚽