German Words in the English Language

Many words in German and English are cognates because both are Germanic languages. But there are also words directly taken from German in the English language, so-called loanwords. Take a look at some of them here.

German Words in the English Language

Courtesy of Anika Rieper of More than Beer and Schnitzel. 🍔🍟🍻😊👍


The Pope defends vaccination and condemns “baseless news” about the covid

The Argentine pontiff defended the universal and organized access of the population to treatments against the virus Pope francis on Monday urged the international community to “continue efforts” for vaccinate to the population and to fight against the spread of “unsubstantiated news“about covid.” It is important that efforts continue to immunize the population as much […]

The Pope defends vaccination and condemns “baseless news” about the covid

For all the doubters out there, even the “true” Christians: Even the Pope approves of the Covid vaccinations. Details here…