2022: The Year of the We

In a way we are all teachers, coming from different areas of life, armed with experience and expertise, willing to share those with the willing.

In a way we are all teachers, born by the older generation, where respecting the elders and authority were taught, meant to be handed down to the next generations.

In a way we are all teachers, taught to work together, overcome differences in diversity, understanding each other, becoming friends for life.

In a way we are all teachers, taught to be aware of our surroundings, be sensitive to the feelings of humans and animals, making the environment better for the next generations.

In a way we are all teachers, learning and teaching the rules of law, where laws save lives, which some people don’t understand.

In a way we are teachers, taught the only we can make a difference. We teach that we to the next generations because only we can make things better.

In a community of I’s and individualism, we strive to be better but never understand that it’s not what we want.

We strive for perfection, we strive for trophies, we strive for gratification, yet we ignore what was taught to us.

That the I is the hindrance to a better environment, that the I is destructive to those around us- families, friends, neighbors and the rule of law, the I is what brings our world to a chaotic end.

The role of the teacher is to teach what was taught, from these people whom we’ve turned out back on, because education and community- teamwork- are the keys to a working environment.

In a community of all teachers, we teach our generations the importance of We. For our elders have taught us that We can make the world go round. 🌎🌍

So let’s return to our roles as teachers, learning from others, giving the knowledge to others, learning from one another, working together to make the world great again.

After all, it is We and not I that can (and will) make a difference. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧👨‍👩‍👧‍👧❤️🏔️👍


Author’s note: 2021 brought out some of the worst and unexpected that we could never dream of as a child growing up. It raised a lot of questions about what we were taught growing up and why we have rebelled as we did. With all of the problems we are facing- the most pressing and obvious is climate change and its impact on global society- we cannot afford to turn our backs to those who taught us how to work together and learn from one another. The idea of individualism and thinking of onesself has caused more damage than necessary and now, more than ever, is no longer in our interest as a global community.

Therefore it is of paramount of importance to put aside personal gratification and start embracing the concept of cooperation and teamwork. It starts with what we have learned and can share with others, it continues with learning and experiencing something new, followed by knowing and befriending people of different cultures and backgrounds, and lastly but most importantly, working together for the common good and for the environment.

2022 is the year of the We. We saw what happened in 21, it’s time that we fight back as a team, as a community, so that we can make things better. After all, we are all teachers, whose teachers before us taught us how to care for our society and our planet. We must teach this to our younger generations. We always prevails.


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