German New Year’s Traditions

What do Germans do for New Year’s Eve (Silvester) and New Year’s Day (Neujahr)? Read here about German New Year’s traditions, from Dinner for One to eating Berliner.

German New Year’s Traditions

Photo Flick Nr. 58

Photo courtesy of NathalieK on Instagram


Street art is common on European streets, but the meanings are more unique if you learn the language. This one, albeit in German, hits the spot. In English it means: “It’s quiet without art.” Found on the streets of Hamburg by one of the Instagrammers who specializes in Street Art and Grafiti. Fine arts has been a primary target for right-wing radicals and even authoritarian regimes as they fear creativity spreads the truth. And it can and always does. Even the most creative minds can paint a picture that can be either livid or bleek. It depends on how we conduct ourselves. And in all situations, creativity and the truth always prevail.

It depends on how we create it and how we can understand it from the person’s perespective.


Walks: Lindau On Lake Constance In Germany (4K)

Lindau is a town on Lake Constance (or Bodensee) in Bavaria, Germany, known for its old town on Lindau island. The harbor has a Bavarian Lion statue and a stone lighthouse with lake and mountain views. On the harborfront Seepromenade, the 12th-century Mangturm is a former watchtower with a pointed, tiled roof. Near restaurant-lined Maximilianstrasse, […]

Walks: Lindau On Lake Constance In Germany (4K)

John Madden, NFL Hall of Fame Coach and Broadcaster, Dies at 85

John Madden, the legendary football coach, broadcaster and namesake of the popular video game franchise, died on Tuesday morning. He was 85. The National Football League announced his death on Tuesday afternoon in a press release, writing that Madden died unexpectedly. A cause of death was not immediately disclosed. “On behalf of the entire NFL family, we extend our condolences to Virginia, Mike, Joe and their families,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement. “We all know him as the Hall of Fame coach of the Oakland Raiders and broadcaster who worked for every major network, but more than anything, he was a devoted husband, father and grandfather. Nobody loved football more than Coach. He was football. He was an incredible sounding board to me and so many others. There will never be another John Madden, and we will forever be indebted to him for all he did to make football and the NFL what it is today.” NFL Announces the Passing of John Madden:— NFL345 (@NFL345) December 29, 2021 Madden was the head coach of the Oakland Raiders for 10 seasons, winning Super Bowl XI in 1976, and a mainstay of football coverage on television. The burly, garrulous coach became the personification of football in the 1970s with his gridiron antics, and he shaped the game from the broadcast booth for another 30 years after retiring from the coaching in 1979. Born in Austin, Minn. on April 10, 1936, Madden was a football star in high school and played one season at the College of San Mateo in California before receiving a scholarship from the University of Oregon. Madden returned to San Mateo in 1955, and went on to play at Grays Harbor College in Washington and Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo during his college career. He was drafted to the Philadelphia Eagles in 1958, but due to a knee injury during training camp, he never got to play professionally. Madden began his work in TV for CBS Sports the same year he retired. In 1981, he teamed with Pat Summerall for NFL coverage on CBS. In 1994, after Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Broadcasting Co. had snagged the league’s NFC rights package away from CBS, Madden and Summerall moved to Fox as well. Madden also served as analyst and color commentator for NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” from 2006 to 2008. In 2006, he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. His name also became synonymous with the Madden NFL football video game franchise, which began in 1988. His voice and personality are featured throughout the game, and he continued to provide creative input for the series after his retirement as a broadcaster in 2009. In all, he covered 11 Super Bowls across four networks during his 1979-2009 run as a broadcaster and collected 16 Sports Emmy awards, as well as the lifetime achievement award in 2010. Madden was also a popular TV pitchman in his heyday, including a long association with Miller Lite with commercials that spoofed his reputation for having a hot temper. He played himself in several films, including “Christine,” “Little Giants” and “The Replacements,” and hosted “Saturday Night Live” in 1982. Madden is survived by his wife, Virginia Fields, and sons Mike and Joe.

John Madden, NFL Hall of Fame Coach and Broadcaster, Dies at 85

Madden was a household name, especially when watching American football 🏈 growing up in the 1980s and 90s. It was a treat to watch him and fellow colleague Pat Summerall broadcast the games every Sunday afternoon. He will be missed.

Classic Winter Drives: ‘The Road Less Travelled’ In A 1925 Bugatti Type 35A

A blanket of snow and silence covers the landscape. Switch off the screens, mute the mobile, grab some warm clothes and savour going into the garage. Even after almost 100 years, there are still some things this car hasn’t done yet. And after all, Christmas should bring out the kid in all of us… Read […]

Classic Winter Drives: ‘The Road Less Travelled’ In A 1925 Bugatti Type 35A

Lost Art Nr. 7


Wanna build a sand castle, anyone? 🏰🏖️🐚

Here’s an interesting fact: sandstone brick factories existed in Schleswig-Holstein until the early 1980s, producing the light-brown rectangular shaped stones that would be used for building houses and stone fences. There used to be one near Glücksburg, located not far from where this pic was taken at The Cliff at Holnis. The bricks that were not useable were left here to be “sacrificed” to nature.

For erosion protection, the purpose of reuse for kids, or simply a tourist attraction we have no idea why these piles are there. But it makes for some great pictures 😉.


“The end of the oil age”… Is the world ready now?

At a time when the climate crisis has put the “end of the oil age” on the agenda, achieving it remains a difficult task, given the global economy’s heavy dependence on fossil fuels. The activist in the Association of Oil Change International, Roman Iwallan, considers that many developments in 2021 “clearly showed that the (petroleum)…

“The end of the oil age”… Is the world ready now?