November 11: it’s Origami Day!

November 11, Origami Day, is a special day for all those paper folding fanatics out there, as well as for those who happen to love the art of create beautiful things also from cloth, dollar bills, napkins, or anything that’ll hold a crease. This day was created to coincide with the birthday of Lillian Oppenheimer, […]

November 11: it’s Origami Day!

Mystery Bridge Nr. 162: A House Bridge in Flensburg?

Co-written with sister column: . . The 162nd mystery bridge takes us to the Schiffahrtsmuseum (Museum of Shipping and Rum) in Flensburg and to this 3D diagram of this community, dating back to the 16th Century. Geographically speaking, Flensburg is situated at the tip of the Flensburg Fjord, with much of the city center at […]

Mystery Bridge Nr. 162: A House Bridge in Flensburg?

Co written with BHC, this mystery building looks at a potential house bridge in Flensburg, located near Hafenspitze. Details here….


We have our Holi, when we go wild and indulge in fun and frolic. Rio has its iconic Carnival and Germany has its Fasching. This is the time when sobriety is thrown to the wind, let your hair down and gallivant in the craziest of costumes. Making fun of higher ups and the rulers was […]