Traffic light discussions in Germany stalled

The negotiations to form the first traffic light coalition in Germany are not progressing as quickly as the SPD, Greens and FDP had hoped. According to negotiators, the three parties decided not to publish a further detailed timetable on Thursday after an interim review of the negotiations in the 22 working groups. “We are currently […]

Traffic light discussions in Germany stalled

Mozartkugel: a Salzburg Original!

In Austria practically everyone knows this sweet temptation in the form of a chocolate praline simply known as Mozart, basically behind every display windows of souvenir shops and not only. Invented more than 125 years ago, Mozartkugel is a little, spherical chocolate filled with a marzipan centre with pistachio and a finest nougat. Interestingly, to […]

Mozartkugel: a Salzburg Original!

How about Mettlach, Germany! — Paris1972-Versailles2003

In my lapse on Germany after finally coming on family visits we were base south of Trier and by car traveled all over the Western parts. One town caught the attention of my dear late wife Martine from brochures, this was Mettlach; the reason ,shopping !!! I like the town for its quaint architecture, on […]

How about Mettlach, Germany! — Paris1972-Versailles2003