The “Witch Cake” – a 1600s forgotten recipe you probably won’t try

In 17th century England and New England, it was believed that a so-called “witch’s cake” had the power to reveal whether witchcraft was afflicting a person with symptoms of illness. It was made with rye flour and the urine of the afflicted person, and the cake was then fed to a dog. If the dog […]

The “Witch Cake” – a 1600s forgotten recipe you probably won’t try

The curious story of Witch’s Ladder

A witch’s ladder (also known as witch’s rope) is a practice in folk magic made from knotted cord or hair, that normally constitutes a spell, based on the magic of knots. The number of knots and nature of charms varies with the intended effect (or spell). In ancient times it was believed that this type […]

The curious story of Witch’s Ladder

Witches, Wurst & Walpurgisnacht, Harz, Germany

Peter Ustinov said, “Love is an endless act of forgiveness.” For Mark and me, living the dream had become an endless act of problem solving. We had done our best. At the first hint that France was ‘bubbling with coronavirus’ and might lock down, we’d made a homeward dash from the Ukranian border. Now, in […]

Witches, Wurst & Walpurgisnacht, Harz, Germany