Photo Flick Nr. 53


Rock art has become a new trend when visiting Flensburg, and this one is no exception. This pic was taken at the tip of Holnis but on the western end. The tip is where the waters of the Flensburg Fjorde and the Baltic Sea meet, and with that, as you can see in the picture, are two different types of water currents, let alone the different colors of the sea water. The tip, with its unique artwork, divides the water and its different colors. More interesting is the fact that in the background is Denmark. Since 1920, the Fjorde has divided Germany with Denmark, though the area had once been part of one kingdom or another prior to that. Despite the division, both sides of the border have minorities which the respective countries have acknowledged and accommodated. This is what makes Flensburg a multi-cultural and cosmopolitan community- they speak your language and make sure your stay is a wonderful experience.

And with that, I will stop right there and allow you to enjoy this artwork.