Lost Art Nr 3


The third photo in the Lost Art series takes us on a walk in the mud flats along the North Sea. Wattwanderung, as Germans would use, gives us a chance to see what the marine life is like when the tides are low (Ebbe).

It also provides us with an insight on problems with litter in the waters, finding out which ones would be appropriate for use as homes for mussels and other sea life and which ones are not. This is one that has been a focus of a key conversation that has been going on for a quarter century.

This garbage bin was found while on the trail connecting Dagebüll and one of the islands in the Halligen region, Oland. The bin has been in the water since the late 1990s and even though there had been calls to remove it from the waters, nothing has been done to remove it. While we cannot see it in this unique photo of the bin that is now covered in shades of green, shot during the Wattwanderung, when looking at the bin closely, one can see that the mussels have made their homes on the bin. According to the tour guide, it has been a perfect spot for mussels to thrive, even though much of the bin is made of plastic.

And this leads to the question: Should the bin be left in the water as is, or should it be removed? Feel free to comment, but please make sure you state your reasons why.