Lost Art Nr 2

Our second photo in the Lost Art series has a special story behind it. It was taken last year on the beach of Holnis, during the summer where there was nowhere to go except to the beach, both because of Covid-19 which restricted air travel to a point where 96% of planes were grounded but also because of the heat with temperatures hovering around 35°C most of the season.

With overcrowded beaches came lots of litter. Some with disregard and others- like this one- was simply lost looking for its owner. It’s a paddle used for stand paddling. And it was indeed a lost work of art when this was taken. It was also one where even though there was no lost and found box anywhere, it just could not sit there.

Henceforth I took the paddle to the beach snackshop, Strandimbiss, in hopes that the person looking for it will check with the personnel there.

I wonder if it found its owner, but if so, I hope that person learned a very valuable lesson in this experience. If it’s valuable, keep it. If not, throw it out in its rightful spot. But it definitely has no place on the beach unless in the hands of its rightful owner.