Massive TORNADO sweeps through German town, injuring 7 (VIDEOS)

A huge tornado has ripped through Kiel, a city on the Baltic coast of Germany, leaving devastation in its wake including at least seven injuries, local media report. The weather formation is highly unusual for the area. Read Full Article at …

Massive TORNADO sweeps through German town, injuring 7 (VIDEOS)

Lost Art Nr 3


The third photo in the Lost Art series takes us on a walk in the mud flats along the North Sea. Wattwanderung, as Germans would use, gives us a chance to see what the marine life is like when the tides are low (Ebbe).

It also provides us with an insight on problems with litter in the waters, finding out which ones would be appropriate for use as homes for mussels and other sea life and which ones are not. This is one that has been a focus of a key conversation that has been going on for a quarter century.

This garbage bin was found while on the trail connecting Dagebüll and one of the islands in the Halligen region, Oland. The bin has been in the water since the late 1990s and even though there had been calls to remove it from the waters, nothing has been done to remove it. While we cannot see it in this unique photo of the bin that is now covered in shades of green, shot during the Wattwanderung, when looking at the bin closely, one can see that the mussels have made their homes on the bin. According to the tour guide, it has been a perfect spot for mussels to thrive, even though much of the bin is made of plastic.

And this leads to the question: Should the bin be left in the water as is, or should it be removed? Feel free to comment, but please make sure you state your reasons why.


Half of Germans can live with the CO2 price

IIn climate policy, environmental associations and parts of the federal government are calling for greater efforts by the state and companies. This leads to growing tensions. The steps taken so far to limit CO2 emissions have not met with undivided sympathy among the population either. After all, according to a survey, a narrow majority of […]

Half of Germans can live with the CO2 price

Walks: Lindau On Lake Constance In Germany (4K)

Lindau is a town on Lake Constance (or Bodensee) in Bavaria, Germany, known for its old town on Lindau island. The harbor has a Bavarian Lion statue and a stone lighthouse with lake and mountain views. On the harborfront Seepromenade, the 12th-century Mangturm is a former watchtower with a pointed, tiled roof. Near restaurant-lined Maximilianstrasse, […]

Walks: Lindau On Lake Constance In Germany (4K)

What will Germans miss about Angela Merkel? – BBC News

Germans are preparing to say “auf wiedersehen” to Angela Merkel, whose 16 years as chancellor will come to an end after the parliamentary elections this Sunday. How does the country feel about saying goodbye to a woman who loomed so large in global politics – through the migrant crisis, the Eurozone crisis and the Covid […]

What will Germans miss about Angela Merkel? – BBC News

Goodbye Angela Merkel !

The most famous ladies I’ve seen in politics as leaders too, Golda Meir , Thatcher, Angela Merkel, almost President Hillary Clinton, Iceland had or has one who lives with another lady, Norway, Denmark I believe, Gandhi from India , possibly in France Marine Le Pen even Turkey had a lady as President . Netherlands never. […]

Goodbye Angela Merkel !

Photo Flick Nr 51


If the world was full of just Wile Coyotes and Roadrunners, guess which ones will shake their heads in disbelief and which one will die off. As a spectator, which side would take?

In this picture, we have just that. A wall built by Wile Coyote and a Roadrunner staring at it in disbelief. This was taken by conservation photographer Alejandro Prieto at the US-Mexican border, showing a newly built wall, ordered by the now former Trump administration, designed to keep the illegal immigrants from South America from crossing into the United States. Hundreds of billions of dollars were poured into this project that was supported by over a third of the population.

If we look at the history books, especially when Germany was divided by both the Berlin Wall as well as the wall that extended from east of Luebeck down through the forests in Hesse and Thuringian and ending at the border with Czechia east of Hof (Bavaria), one can see that walls were not the most effective way to keep people from escaping into the West. Many found creative ways to get over the border- be it flying over, smuggling, tunneling underneath, or masquerading as patrolmen.

And when looking at this new wall, one can see that it is bound to fail, even when it is covered with barbed wiring. While some attempts to get past it has been done, this little bird in the picture will find a way through this wall. For every project that is supposed to be perfect, there will always be a flaw that will foil it.

And while this bird will succeed, the Wile Coyotes will stew in rage as they go over the cliff, ending with a bang.

And while the rest of the world is laughing, Mr. Prieto got a more prestigious award for his artwork:

And with that, congratulations on getting this. ♥️😊🏆

I’ve always been awed at some of best and worst from a photographer’s viewpoint when seeing the World Press photos on display when they were on exhibit in many cities in Germany, including Jena, Thuringia, where I spent my first years living there and where the exhibits took place in the Goethe Galerie shopping center. But this one deserves even more recognition because of a theme that comes out of this scene where the Roadrunner has long figured it out and Wile hasn’t (nor will he):

No matter how many, two wrongdoings will not make it right.

I’m just waiting for the Mexican president to make this plea to President Joe Biden:

Mr President, tear down this wall.

I think I will celebrate if that happens. 🍕🍻😉


Lost Art Nr 2

Our second photo in the Lost Art series has a special story behind it. It was taken last year on the beach of Holnis, during the summer where there was nowhere to go except to the beach, both because of Covid-19 which restricted air travel to a point where 96% of planes were grounded but also because of the heat with temperatures hovering around 35°C most of the season.

With overcrowded beaches came lots of litter. Some with disregard and others- like this one- was simply lost looking for its owner. It’s a paddle used for stand paddling. And it was indeed a lost work of art when this was taken. It was also one where even though there was no lost and found box anywhere, it just could not sit there.

Henceforth I took the paddle to the beach snackshop, Strandimbiss, in hopes that the person looking for it will check with the personnel there.

I wonder if it found its owner, but if so, I hope that person learned a very valuable lesson in this experience. If it’s valuable, keep it. If not, throw it out in its rightful spot. But it definitely has no place on the beach unless in the hands of its rightful owner.



Angela Merkel prepares to step down with legacy of tackling crises

In 16 years at the helm of Europe’s biggest economy, Merkel did end military conscription, set Germany on course for a future without nuclear and fossil-fueled power, enable the legalization of same-sex marriage, introduce a national minimum wage and benefits encouraging fathers to look after young children.

Angela Merkel prepares to step down with legacy of tackling crises