Koblenz, Deutschland

Visiting the Burg Eltz it was inevitable to stroll down the hills of  Rhineland-Palatinate and explore. To be honest, the navigation was not up to date as bringing us to the closed local roads or reserved only for the local agricultural vehicles. But there is a beauty in getting lost like that! 🙂 Koblenz is […]

Koblenz, Deutschland

How We Live Matters- Quote by Gretchen Boerger

Remember where you were, remember who helped you in your times of need~ throw the ego out the door and embrace others around you as a creation in the image of God. When you start to see others that way, you realize that we are all imperfect. We can NEVER measure up. Others around you will NEVER measure up until we do a soul check. Is your soul speaking life to yourself and others around you? If not, be the change yourself. Do the hard work to be that person of kindness, compassion and resilience. In order to see the good – the ego HAS to go! Then, watch your life change into something bigger than you imagined.

This quote was irresistable to ignore. It talks about how we live and how we should control our destiny and let go of the elements that hinder our success. This especially includes our own ego, as you can see in the picture above. This is courtesy of one of my former high school friends who now works as a health and lifestyle coach. The quote is dead on and one we should think about as we start our day.