Photo Flick nr. 49

Photo taken by Delores Rondon

This Photo Flick comes at the right time as many of us are making our reservations for the beaches along the Baltic or North Seas, as well as some places in southern Europe. There are many creative ways to spend time on the beach and make use of the rocks and sand given for artwork.

This photo shows a unique way of making artwork using various rocks. It’s one of many forms created by Delores Rondon. It shows another way of spending time at the seas- a long and fruitful conversation with friends and family over a good cup of coffee. This is something I definitely am looking forward to when traveling north for vacation this summer- meeting old friends, meeting new ones and listening to their stories of their lives….

…. and enjoying every bit of it with my loved ones. 🍻⛱️🏖️🌅⛵