Top 10 Unique Transportations In The World For A Crazy Ride

Why only have the experience of riding the usual train, bus and cars when you can go for a crazy ride on a suspended train, bamboo train or even be carried by a reindeer? Explore the unique modes of transportations that you can travel in.

Top 10 Unique Transportations In The World For A Crazy Ride

Powerful tornado sweeps through Czech villages

The tornado devastated parts of the village of Moravska Nova Ves A powerful tornado has swept through several villages in the south-eastern Czech Republic, injuring 150 people and causing major damage, local media say. Thursday’s storm blew off roofs from a number of buildings in the southern Breclav and Hodonin districts, uprooting trees and overturning […]

Powerful tornado sweeps through Czech villages

A rarity that we normally see in the US but caused enormous damage to villages in southeast Czechia. Information on this disaster here. 🌪️🌀🔦