Hand of Hope, by Unknown Author

I’m not sure where this picture would best fit as it’s neither a Photo Flick nor a Genre. But this quote caught my attention through one of the readers and therefore I had to repost. It has to do with hope. Hope that one day, we will live in a normalcy where we can do the things that are mentioned in this picture above. There are a lot of things that we all want to do, be it travelling, doing some sort of hobby(-ies) or just simply meeting friends. But in order to do that, we have to fulfill our duties and promises to make it happen. Covid-19 taught us some very valuable lessons in life, many of which have to do with its connections with the environment- with global warming, pollution, deforestation and all. We know that we cannot continue with live as if Covid didn’t happen. We can however make the necessary changes to ensure we can continue doing what we enjoy doing, while sharing it with future generations, who would like to live on a planet that is not beset with the problems we face. Every tiny bit we do to change will have a huge impact in our society. Every tiny bit we do will influence the way we live from now and for all time to come.

Every tiny bit we do will make us alive again. Even if means planting a tree, or doing something to make it green.





Thanks to Angie Moret for the pic.

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