Photo Flick Nr. 47

Finally, after unseasonably cool temperatures, spring is here. Trees are blossoming, the grass is getting greener, we have large amounts of water which contrasts what we had been dealing with in the past three years. And the bees are out, pollinating the trees and getting them prepared for forming the fruit. And this is where this close-up of a bee pollinating one of the trees comes to mind. Bees are the lifeline for the environment, providing us with the necessary fruits through the pollinating process. They also create our honey. Without them, we could not survive. This is why we need to take measures to protect them. Banning fertilizers and pesticides is one. Reserving green areas with wild flowers, including sunflowers is another. Beekeeping is another. No matter what we do, our bees need our help. Without our help, we have no food on the table.

So think about this and ask yourself, what can we do to help the bees out. Then act.