Germany Quiz on Berlin Part I: Facts and Figures

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The Flensburg Files has a quiz series on Germany’s capital and cosmopolitan city, Berlin. Each quiz will focus on an aspect of the city that will encourage people to consider a stop there for any occasion, be it for a field trip, weekend trip, holiday trip or any trip for that matter.  Useful for the classroom but also for personal purposes.  Each one features an answer sheet which is included here.

This quiz focuses on the the facts and figures involving Berlin. Have a look at the questions and guess at the numbers, using the hints given in (parenthesis). It should be done first without any sources (including online).

  1. How many people live in Berlin? (Hint: It’s more than 3 million)
  2. How many German motorways run through and around Berlin?
  3. How many airports does Berlin have (as of 2021)?
  4. How many kilometers of light rail (S-bahn) does Berlin have? (Hint: It’s more than 100)
  5. How many light rail stations does Berlin have? (Hint: It’s more than 120)
  6. How many regional rail stations does Berlin have?
  7. How many long-distance rail stations does Berlin have (as of 2021 and apart from Berlin Central Station (Berlin Hbf.))?
  8. How many subway stations does Berlin have? (Hint, it’s more than 140)
  9. At least how many bridges exist in Berlin? (Hint, it’s more than 500)
  10. How many bike routes does Berlin have? (Hint, it’s more than 400)
  11. When was the Berlin Wall built?
  12. When did the Wall fall?
  13. How long did the Wall divide Berlin into two? (figure this in year, months and days)
  14. How long was the Berlin Wall in kilometers? (Hint, it’s more than 100 kilometers)
  15. How many checkpoints existed between East and West Berlin?  And how many people crossed into West-Berlin during the Wall’s existence?
  16. How many boroughs does Berlin have (as of 2001)?
  17. Each borough has a locality. How many localities in Berlin are there in all?
  18. How many rivers does Berlin have?
  19. ________ Canals with a total length of ________ kilometers flow through and around Berlin.
  20. ________ lakes can be found in Berlin. Neighboring Brandenburg has more than ___________ lakes. (Hint: More than 1000)
  21. How many restaurants are there in Berlin? (Hint: It’s more than 1000)
  22. What about bars?              
  23. And music venues?
  24. How many museums does Berlin have in total?
  25. How many art galleries?
  26. How many Christmas markets?
  27. How many churches?
  28. How many parks exist in Berlin, counting Tierpark?
  29. How many zoos are there in Berlin?
  30. When was Berlin founded?
  31. What is the tallest building in Berlin?


Viel Spaß mit dem Quiz! 🙂 🇩🇪🌱🌍


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