Germany Quiz on Berlin Part I: Facts and Figures: ANSWER SHEET

After having guessed at the 30 questions about Berlin, here are the answers. Keep in mind that this set of questions were divided up into the aspects of transportation and infrastructure, the history of the Berlin Wall, bodies of water and places of interest. Some of these answers will surprise you.

So let’s have a look:

  1. How many people live in Berlin? (Hint: It’s more than 3 million)  ANS: Berlin has 3,645,000 inhabitants as of 2019. This includes the population of the city and its boroughs
  2. How many German motorways run through and around Berlin? ANS:  Eight      This includes the Berlin Ring (A10), as well as the motorway A 100, 103, 111, 113, 114, 115, & 117. This does not count the motorways that are outside Berlin going in opposite directions (A2, 9, 11, 12, 13, and 24)
  3. How many airports does Berlin have (as of 2021)? One- BER: Berlin Brandenburg International Airport.  Before 1990, Berlin used to have three- Tegel, Templehof and Schönenfeld.
  4. How many kilometers of light rail (S-bahn) does Berlin have? (Hint: It’s more than 100) ANS: 332 kilometers as of 2021, but the number is expected to increase in the near future.
  5. How many light rail stations does Berlin have? (Hint: It’s more than 120) ANS: 166 as of 2021 and counting.
  6. How many regional rail stations does Berlin have?  ANS: Seven- Charlottenburg, Wannsee, Zoologischer Garten, Alexanderplatz, Friedrichstrasse, Lichtenberg and Schönenfeld (BER-Airport)
  7. How many long-distance rail stations does Berlin have (as of 2021 and apart from Berlin Central Station (Berlin Hbf.))?  Five: Südkreuz, Gesundbrünnen, Spandau, Ostbahnhof, and Berlin Central. In the future BER-Airport will be included which would make it six.
  8. How many subway stations does Berlin have? (Hint, it’s more than 140) ANS: 173
  9. At least how many bridges exist in Berlin? (Hint, it’s more than 500)  ANS: If focused on river and canal crossings, it’s 961; include railroad and road crossings, it’s up to more than 2,100.
  10. How many bike routes does Berlin have? (Hint, it’s more than 400) ANS: There are 845 routes totalling more than 2000 km in and around Berlin, including two international bike routes and one interregional route to Usedom.
  11. When was the Berlin Wall built?  ANS: 13 August, 1961
  12. When did the Wall fall?  ANS: 9 November, 1989
  13. How long did the Wall divide Berlin into two? (figure this in year, months and days) ANS: 28 years, two months and 27 days
  14. How long was the Berlin Wall in kilometers? (Hint, it’s more than 100 kilometers): ANS: 156.4 km
  15. How many checkpoints existed between East and West Berlin?  And how many people crossed into West-Berlin during the Wall’s existence? ANS: 14 including Checkpoint Charlie; more than 5000 people crossed over into West Berlin during its existence.
  16. How many boroughs does Berlin have (as of 2001)? ANS: Since 2001, there are 12 boroughs.
  17. Each borough has a locality. How many localities in Berlin are there in all? ANS: 96
  18. How many rivers does Berlin have? ANS: Eight- Spree, Havel, Bäke, Dahme, Fredersdorfer Mühlfliess, Kindelfliess, Panke, and Tegeler Fließ
  19. ANS: ___13__ Canals with a total length of __190__ kilometers flow through and around Berlin.
  20. ANS:__26____ lakes can be found in Berlin. Neighboring Brandenburg has more than ___3000_____ lakes. (Hint: More than 1000)
  21. How many restaurants are there in Berlin? (Hint: It’s more than 1000)  ANS: There are more than 2100 restaurants in Berlin, many with specialties originating from over 150 countries.
  22. What about bars?  2469        
  23. And music venues?   587 (311 discos and 276 other music venues)
  24. How many museums does Berlin have in total? ANS: 170 Museums including the beloved Museumsinsel
  25. How many art galleries? ANS: 440 including East Side Gallery
  26. How many Christmas markets? ANS: There are over 80 Christmas markets in and around Berlin
  27. How many churches? ANS: ca. 250
  28. How many parks exist in Berlin, counting Tierpark? ANS: More than 2500 parks exist in Berlin
  29. How many zoos are there in Berlin? ANS: Only one- Berlin Zoo
  30. When was Berlin founded? ANS: In the year 1237.
  31. What is the tallest building in Berlin?  TV Tower (Fernsehturm)
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Now that you had a chance to ooh and awe yourselves with the interesting answers and facts, the next segment will dig a bit deeper into Berlin’s cultural and historical landscape. Stay tuned for more quizzes and other fun stuff. 🙂


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