Three things we learned from England – Germany

Raheem Sterling and England is heading to the EURO 2020 semifinals after stunning Germany with a complete 2-0 victory at Wembley Stadium on Tuesday.

Three things we learned from England – Germany

Bitter Wembley knockout – Löw era ended

Gate through Harry Kane England are in the quarter finals of the European Football Championship. (Photo: AFP) London Out! Past! EM-Ko! After a painful defeat at Wembley, Joachim Löw has to retire twelve days too early. Aggressive Englishmen have shattered the dream of the fourth German European Championship title and ended the once glamorous era […]

Bitter Wembley knockout – Löw era ended

in its temple of Wembley, England eliminates Germany

Published on : 29/06/2021 – 15:44Modified : 29/06/2021 – 19:36 The English selection won the shock against the German Mannschaft on Tuesday at Wembley thanks to the inevitable Raheem Sterling and his found scorer, Harry Kane (2-0). After this victory acquired in a crazy atmosphere, the Three Lions continue their journey in this Euro-2021. They…

in its temple of Wembley, England eliminates Germany

Density and Rail Transport (Hoisted from Social Media)

I wrote a long thread about regional rail and population density, and I’d like to explain more and give more context. The upshot is that higher population density makes it easier to run a rail network, but the effects are most visible for regional rail, rather than either urban rail or high-speed intercity rail. This […]

Density and Rail Transport (Hoisted from Social Media)

The Greta Effect

Bloomberg is reporting that Germany and Sweden are seeing a trend of reduced domestic air travel and greater rail usage. In Germany, intercontinental air traffic is up 2% year-over-year and international European traffic is down 2%, but domestic traffic has crashed in the last few months and is down 12% now. In Sweden, domestic air […]

The Greta Effect

High-Speed Rail and Connecting Transit

Noah Smith is skeptical about high-speed rail in the United States. He makes a bunch of different arguments against it, but I want to zoom in on the first, the issue of connecting transit, which Noah is far from the first person to bring up. It’s a genuine drawback of rail planning in the United […]

High-Speed Rail and Connecting Transit

European Urbanism and High-Speed Rail

Europe has a number of strong national high-speed rail networks, providing much inspiration internally as well as abroad, including in the United States. With Americans looking at an infrastructure bill including high-speed rail funding, there’s a lot of discussion about what can port, hence my proposal map. That said, caution is required when doing naive […]

European Urbanism and High-Speed Rail

Modeling High-Speed Rail for Germany

I’ve used a ridership model to construct a proposal for American high-speed rail – but what about the country I live in? There’s an election this year and one of the contested issues is climate change, and with growing passenger rail advocacy, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that there will be a large […]

Modeling High-Speed Rail for Germany