The Women Who Made History (2013): S01E06 – Sophie Scholl

Introduction Iconic women of history are chronicled in this documentary series. From legendary rulers like Catherine the Great, Queen Elizabeth, and Cleopatra, to brave rebels like Joan of Arc and Sophie Scholl, this series provides an intimate look at larger than life figures who shaped history. Frauen, die Geschichte machten (original title). Outline In the […]

The Women Who Made History (2013): S01E06 – Sophie Scholl

Incredible Women: Sophie Scholl

I was first introduced to Sophie Scholl though her words in this Zen Pencils comic. Scholl’s legacy is that of a fierce resistance fighter who fought the nazis as part of the White Rose group. She was willing to give her life for the cause of anti-fascism. Her life was ended on February 22, 1943. […]

Incredible Women: Sophie Scholl