Why It Matters – Biodiversity

Biodiversity is a word thrown around by a lot of environmental groups as something really important. What is it, exactly?  It’s short for biological diversity, and it refers to the entire variety of life on earth that comprise of all the ecosystems and elements that make the planet “work.” From mushrooms to minke whales, corals […]

Why It Matters – Biodiversity

What to do for Earth Day and after that

I know that Earth Day was yesterday, but I want to emphasise on the fact that every day should be Earth Day, and that we should take care of our one and only Earth literally 24/7. How? Well, let me tell you how! Plant something Not only do trees cool things down (together they can […]

What to do for Earth Day and after that

The three big threats to our planet

The future of our planet is threatened more than ever, warn several researchers in a new article. These isolate three major threats whose effects could be mitigated, provided they are taken seriously. For several decades, scientists have been trying to sound the climate alarm bells, studies in support. Since the beginning of the industrial era, […]

The three big threats to our planet