Europe, That’s What Went Wrong

Germany’s COVID management: World wonders what’s gone wrong – A year ago, Germany was effusively praised for its coronavirus response. Nobody would think to do that now. If anything, the international view today is a mixture of astonishment and schadenfreude. As reported earlier… “Germany is the architect of the European failure because Germany and Merkel […]

Europe, That’s What Went Wrong

While countries, like the United States, Britain and even some in South America have had at least 10% of its population vaccinated against Covid-19, Europe- and especially Germany- are at modest, second to dead last at the time of this post. There’s enough blame to go around, as we see in this guest column. And it’s no wonder why the likes of Christian Lindner (FDP) are challenging Chancellor Merkel to compete with the States in ensuring that Germans are guaranteed a vaccine before the summer. He stated that Joe Biden wants most of America innoculated before the 4th of July celebrations this year!

It’s a situation that will have biblical implications on the federal elections in September with results that will be unwanted by the majority……


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