Guessing Quiz: Facts about Mouse TV (Die Sendung mit der Maus)

The Statue of the Mouse at Gotische Haus in Bad Homburg vor der Höhe in Hesse. Source: Urmelbeauftragter, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Guessing Quiz:

In connection with the 50th Anniversary of the Orange Mouse, here’s a Guessing Quiz that will take you to the origins of the mouse, what is typical for a mouse episode and in one case, a little bit of music involved. This is a hybrid series which includes one video question. The answer sheet will come in the next week.

So without further ado….. 🙂


  • Which of the following people were NOT involved in the creation of Mouse TV?

Armin Maiwald, Ralph Caspars, Gert Kaspar Müntefering, Peter Lustig, Monika PaetowDieter SaldeckiSiegfried Mohrhof, Christoph Bienemann, Jana Forkel


  • From this list, which ones later joined the TV series? (There are three of them)


  • Who is the longest serving host of Mouse TV?


  • Which of the hosts has a green sweatshirt as a signature apparel?


  • How many episodes of the Mouse have been produced in the last 50 years? Choose from the following below:
  • a. 1000             
  • b. 2000                
  • c. 2300                 
  • d. 2500                
  • e. 2800
  • d. > 3000


  • How long is a typical TV show with the Mouse?
  • a. 15 minutes             
  • b. 30 minutes       
  • c. 60 minutes                   
  • d. two hours


  • The Mouse was not the only smart figure to entertain the audience. The Elephant and the Duck provided a wide array of support and sideshows. When did the Elephant and Duck make their debuts? (Year is enough.)


  • Of the seven Golden Ws for Asking Questions in English, which one is the most used in the Mouse?










  • The Mouse includes several short cartoon clips of five minutes. Which ones do you not find in a Mouse episode? There are two odd ones out.

Shaun the Sheep           

Captain Bluebear           

Charlie and Lola              


Trudes Tier                       


Peppa Pig               

Zdeněk Miler’s Mole


  • True or False: The music for this episode has existed as long as the show itself. (Hint: compare this with the very first episode in a previous post by clicking here)


BONUS: In reference to Nr. 8 (with the Golden W), what would be the main theme for the Mouse? Formulate this in a question.