From the Attic: The first episode of Mouse TV (Sendung mit der Maus)

The Orange Mouse at the entrance to the WDR Studios in Cologne. Source: User Bodoklecksel on de.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


March 7th marks the 50th anniversary of Germany’s beloved Orange Mouse. On March 7th, 1971, the very first episode of „Die Sendung mit der Maus,“ made its debut on TV through the channel WDR. Many of us have been used to watching the modern version with the Mouse, Elephant and the Duck, yet when the series started, not only was the title different but also a lot of other things. Have a look and find out what is different between the very first episode and the episodes that we have been watching on TV, many of which you can find in the following links:

First Episode:


Mouse TV:

KIKA (Kinderkanal):



On the challenges that an aging population will pose

Society has never felt the impact of disease and health as it was during the Corona pandemic. One of the frequent, very disturbing messages, in all the reports, was that the death rate was high among the elderly and that the dead were suffering from chronic diseases.Today, with the adoption of mRNA and CRISPR technologies […]

On the challenges that an aging population will pose