Germany Quiz Nr. 6: What you need to know about Brandenburg

After providing you with some unique places in Brandenburg that some of the columnists have written about (and hopefully you had a chance to read them), here’s a quiz on Brandenburg, which I compiled in 2015 in connection with Germany’s 25th anniversary of its reunification. The quiz includes an answer sheet at the end so that you can compare the answers and talk about it.
I plan to continue with some guest columnists tours of places in other German states moving on with the next one in Mecklenburg-Pommerania which will go along the same pattern as what I did with Brandenburg, yet keep in mind, there will be more quizzes on the remaining German states to be presented in the near future, beginning with Thuringia and working our way to the south and west. So stay tuned and enjoy the tours, quizzes and everything in between. 🙂


View of the city of Brandenburg from above. Photo courtesy of Nancy Grimm
View of the city of Brandenburg from above. Photo courtesy of Nancy Grimm

Moving on from our last state, the Files is taking you to the Quiz series on the 16 German States and to the next candidate: the state of Brandenburg. Located in the eastern part of Germany, where Potsdam and Berlin are located, Brandenburg is perhaps one of the greenest states in Germany, joining the ranks of Mecklenburg Pommerania, Hesse, Thuringia and Saxony. This is in part because of the combination of forests, natural landscapes and wildlife that cover about half the state, mostly in the northern and western parts. The state also has the largest mass of water in the country, with over 33,000 kilometers of river and canals plus 3000 bodies of water, including 860 lakes. Both account for almost a fourth of the number of lakes found in Minnesota, the author’s homestate, where 11,800 lakes…

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