To Protect American Democracy, Trump and His Followers Must Be Imprisoned, Period.

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Here’s an interesting fact to chew on, especially if you are working in a state job in Germany: Did you know that you could not only be fired from your job, but also be forced to pay a hefty fine and even go to prison if you post something on a social media platform that incites violence and hate, let alone violate the cores of democracy and the mandate set forth by your employer?

Even a post on facebook or twitter, threatening a student with retaliation for writing “Official Language: GERMAN!” (Amtssprache Deutsch) on a white board in an English class could cost you your job, let alone your career?

Being a teacher working for the state for almost half of my 20 years of being an English teacher, if there is a word of advice when it comes to using social media platforms to discuss work or even ask questions pertaining to an issue with English or even teaching, it’s this:

Don’t. Unless you want to risk jail time plus a post-teaching career scrubbing garbage bins.

It’s no secret that the actions that happened on Capitol Hill on January 6th, 2021 will go down in infamy. It was an attack that started a second Civil War in America, between the right and the left. It was an attack that was instigated by our still (but definitely not my) US President Donald Trump, not only through his rhetoric, but also through his tweets on Twitter, which in the past four years had stoked the violence and hatred among his followers and culminated with this event which went beyond the cost for damages, let alone the loss of life.

It was the event that put the dagger in the heart of American Democracy.

As a small hint, if you were demonstrating like this, even outside Germany, you can lose your state job instantly because you would technically be violating the democratic order. Already, demonstrators have been identified and some arrested. Employers have fired many of them and even reported them to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Donald Trump has been identified as the sole instigator of the demonstrations, with the likes of Rudy Guiliani and Donald Trump Jr. being accomplices for their roles in the rally that predated the storming of the Capitol. By watching this footage, it’s no secret that the writing was on the wall and that the insurrection was going to happen.

Already action has been undertaken against Trump. He faces the prospects of impeachment for the second time in less than a year. A tall order given the fact he leaves office on January 20th anyway, but better now than never, according to sources on both sides of the camp. He has been banned from social media platforms all around. Even Twitter has suspended his account permanently and attempts to circumvent the ban have been foiled.

Yet despite these measures, they are not good enough. A person who insurrects a highly prestige institution, like Trump did, should get the whole program and then some. As I mentioned earlier, if a person can lose his job or even go to prison for a tweet, why shouldn’t Trump get the same thing? American Demcracy is dead. It died when the dagger went into the heart with the demonstrations on Capitol Hill. A Civil War has started, and for those who instigated it, it’s pay day!

Social media ban is one thing. Impeachment the other. But a full cleansing of those involved in this event may be the only thing we need to restore order and restart the American Democratic system. It should be made clear that neither Trump, nor his children and their partners should hold government office positions in the United States ever again, period. The same applies for his associates, including Barr, Powell, Manafort, Flynn, Guiliani, but also the Republican senators and congressmen who opposed the certification of the election results in November and tried to overturn them on this tragic day, including Hawley, Cruz, Scott, Marshall, Tuberville. Rioters should eat Trump’s humble pie for defacing government property with at least 10 years and hard labor, making them work back-breaking jobs throughout the country. Ironic that Trump enforced the law to protect historic properties in light of the Black Lives Matter protests this past summer.

And lastly, for Trump’s immediate family and associates, the crime of first degree murder in the death of American Democracy should be pushed through- either through impeachment process or a separate court hearing. Let it be known that for his actions and that of his children and associates, they should go to prison- for a very long time. Their assets seized and used to help those in need. Already Trump faces a prospects of jail time for countless crimes involving fraud and harassment. This crime will make Bernie Madoff’s 275 year prison sentence for his ponzi scheme look like a dwarf. And with that, Madoff should be exonerated and Trump should be locked away, for good.

Only through this thorough cleansing will we be able to reset the institutions that have been severely damaged through Trump’s four years of tyranny. We may be able to revive American Democracy that way. However, as incoming US President Joe Biden has pledged, the healing process will take lots of time and a lot of problems, such as Racial Inequality, Improper Health Care (and with that the Covid-19 epidemic), Restarting the Economy, Violence, Environment, etc., will have to be addressed in the meantime in order to bring the Civil War to an end and bring American Democracy back to its original form, the form last seen during the era prior to September 11, 2001.