He could lose his position before January 20th — Archyde

Donald Trump He has already passed an impeachment process. (Photo: AFP) Washington Joe Biden is the 46th President of the United States of America and will be sworn in on January 20th. The oath of office is enshrined in the constitution and follows the wording of George Washington from April 30, 1789. In the presidential…

He could lose his position before January 20th — Archyde

Donald Trump could face removal from office earlier than the planned date of January 20th, the day Joe Biden takes the oath of office as President of the US. This in response to the coup d’etat that happened on Capitol Hill yesterday, where Trump supporters stormed the complex and looted offices and the Senate chamber. Photos of the incident can be found here. Congress and the Cabinet are considering removing Trump through Article 25 in the US COnstitution, whereas articles of Impeachment would be introduced, where if convicted, Trump would be banned from holding any future government positions for life. Details can be found in the link above…..

In the meantime, Congress in both chambers have affirmed Biden’s 306-232 electoral vote victory over Trump.