Beethoven – Für Elise…

“Beethoven wrote Fur Elise for a student of his whom he was in love with. She was a mediocre player, so he wanted to write something that even she could play and impress others. Midway through writing it he found out she was engaged to someone else so he made the rest of it very […]

Beethoven – Für Elise…

What is it about Beethoven?

My friend Gerald Elias is a wonderful fiction writer (and professional violinist) who (mostly) specializes in mysteries. His Daniel Jacobus mystery series, which combines Jerry’s two passions – classical music and murder – is a gem of a collection that I can’t recommend highly enough. But this week, we’re talking about Jerry’s newest endeavor. A […]

What is it about Beethoven?

R.I.P., John le Carré (and George Smiley)

Two of the many John Le Carré books I’ve read over the years. We keep losing George Smileys while the Karlas of the world dig in like ticks. John le Carré, a.k.a. David Cornwell, wrote a couple dozen books before he finally set down his pen forever, and I read most of them. I especially […]

R.I.P., John le Carré (and George Smiley)