Advent Calendar: December 23

The next door on the Advent Calendar takes us to the Island of Usedom in the state of Mecklenburg-Pommerania and this tree, located at one of the Taxi Stops in Karlshagen. This was taken by the photographer who runs the Impressions of Usedom Instagram page. The tree stands out and is well lit, more lit than the ones in this Advent Calendar series so far. Yet the lighted tree served as a reminder of some surprises to have in store for you.

We’ll start with the answers to the Guessing Quiz on the History of the Christmas tree. Click here to try it out. The answers for the bottom half is found there as well. The answers to the top half are found below:

On top of that, many of you have probably heard of the song “Oh, Christmas Tree! Oh, Christmas Tree”, the song which originated from Germany and is known as Oh Tannenbaum!

There are many versions of the song, yet one blogger dedicated it to her cat, who, like most cats love to climb up trees and swat at the ornaments. Click here to read about it.

The tree is a sign of peace and one TED Talk story talked about the scheme where lighted Christmas trees in Colombia helped end the war with the Guerillas:

While telling stories around the Christmas trees is a good activity for friends and family, one of the bloggers went further and created this quiz. While this one is based on literature, you can also develop some of your own. You can also create some quizzes and other activities that deal with foreign languages. They go well beyond the tongue twisters that can be found in the Files, like Dining with Swine in Schleswig-Holstein, Bear vs Beer, Women and Vikings in a Volkswagen, Blacksmithing and the Shunned. They can include false friends, time markers and anything that deals with grammar; even stuff with prepositions. One can make a guessing quiz that deals with one word but with different meanings in another language, like Verstehen Sie Savvy? for example.

Photo by Taryn Elliott on

How a person arranges the activity depends on one’s creative talents. Yet doing this will definitely bring back memories of stories around the campfire or while fishing. The activity is useful for situations like this when we are all stuck due to restrictions in travel, be it Covid-19 or a snow storm.

And now with all the suggestions and the answer key in mind, we now enter the first of two (or in Germany, three) days of feasts. And regardless of whom you are celebrating with, the last two dates will put the crown on the Advent Calendar series that can be seen as a Christmas kit that can be used for this season and beyond. And with that, onto Nr. 24 =>

Happy Holidays! ❤ 🙂

Quizzing around the Christmas tree! — Words and Fictions

This Christmas will be quieter than usual so here’s a quiz to print off and mull over. See how much you can do without Google! Please do post comments and scores, but not answers – they’ll be on the blog after Christmas. You may have to think back to your childhood, maybe even your parents’ […]

Quizzing around the Christmas tree! — Words and Fictions

When you are finished, click here to see the answers. Good luck! 🙂

Oh Christmas Tree — Make the Journey Fun

He looks so innocent here. Don’t believe it. It’s all an act. Every day is the same. He starts out sitting on a package. First he knocks down some ornaments to make room for his behind. Then he burrows into the tree where he proceeds to attempt eating the artificial pine. After I pull him […]

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