Advent Calendar: December 20

The 20th of December and our Christmas Advent calendar takes us to one of the most traditional towns in Germany, Schneeberg. With a population of 14,500 inhabitants, Schneeberg is located deep in the Ore Mountains (Erzgebirge), 20 km south of Zwickau and 10 km west of Aue. The community is known to be somewhat quiet for 11 months of the year. Come Christmas time, however, the town is the busiest with its Christmas market, which extends from St. Wolfgang Cathedral through the market square and towards the historic city hall, featuring a wide variety of traditional foods and handcrafted goods that are typical for the region, as well as a lot of entertainment. Sadly, as can be seen in a pair of photos by sister column, The Bridgehunter’s Chronicles, the town is more eerily quiet than ever before with just the Christmas tree, the pyramid, decorations along the historic buildings in the market square, but no people wandering about. As mentioned by the Chronicles, “The Market Square is quite spooky with absolutely no one on the streets. It was something that is similar to Stephen King’s ‘The Langoliers,’ though one could imagine ghosts of people drinking mulled wine and miners parading down the street.” Likewise these shots were taken early in the morning before businesses opened, or at least those that sell the bare-essentials, like groceries, which cannot be found in Schneeberg, except for the fruit and vegetable market. Still this shot makes Schneeberg look like a ghost town, something that is very untypical for a town that is famous for its handcrafted wood products and its Christmas market…..

Yet what does Schneeberg’s Christmas market really look like? Well, let’s find out. Click here for a tour of the market.

While you are at it, you should have a look at the role of the orange at Christmas time. Have a look by clicking here.

And as a Throwback, here’s a guide to German expressions dealing with Christmas, which you can click here.

The Bridgehunter’s Chronicles is currently hosting the 9th annual Bridgehunter Awards. Between now and January 23rd, voting is underway in nine categories, including Bridge Tour Guide, Best Example of a Restored Historic Bridge and Best Bridge Photo. To participate in the voting, click here. You will find the ballot in the bottom half of the article.


Happy Holidays!

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